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Become a more knowledgeable and professional chef!

Here, we are passionate about the art of cooking and dedicated to nurturing the next generation of culinary professionals. Our aim is to the present the perfect culinary program for beginners as well as experienced cooks. Immerse yourself in our facilities, where you'll learn from Chef Brian West, who brings his expertise, creativity, and love for food to every class


A partner for life

The restaurant business is about building relationships. That’s what Chef Brian West bring to restaurants through his consulting service. Your operation will get a partner and advisor to help structure food cost, create menus and elevate management, restaurants also receive a strong network they can rely on for the life of their business.

Chef Brian West


Your dream dinner brought to you

From Small dinners parties to large weddings, Texas BBQ to French Cuisine and everything in between, my catering team and I are ready to create the perfect culinary environment for your special occasion. We’ll bring the professional chef experience right to your table.

Chef Brian West


Fine dinning at the heart of the action.

Chef Brain West’s version of farm to table with a twist: we bring the table to a ranch. From Hunters and Gathers full ranch family events and everything in between Chef Brian and his team will go to your ranch and take care of the cooking for you. Chef Brian West’s Ranch event are experiences not to be missed by you or your guests.


Prepare your future in my kitchen.

A kitchen is more than a chef, it’s a team. Our team is always looking for passionate new talent to join our kitchen. If you have a passion for food, craft and kitchen, and you want to be part of a positive learning environment there’s a spot for you with us.

Chef Brian West and his team
Tropical Rum Steamed Mussels

Wed, Jun 19, 2024


Our Favorite Show

Want to make Chef Brain West’s signature dishes at home? Tune in to Fox San Antonio Wednesdays at 9am for West Wednesdays. We have some of our favorite episodes right here with recipes written out for you to try at your leisure.


One day, one lesson, lots of possibilities!

The Food Enthusiast Classes offered by West Point Culinary School, led by Chef Brian West, are an exciting opportunity for individuals with a passion for food to enhance their culinary skills and knowledge. These classes, are designed to provide a hands-on experience, combining practical training with kitchen demonstrations and a social dining experience.

West Point Food Enthusiast


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